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“Social media marketing for girl bosses” or “I help entrepreneurs grow their business” literally doesn’t cut it, sorry girl 🤷🏼‍♀️


Try something like:

👉🏻 I help pet adoption agencies use Instagram to get more monthly pet adoptions

👉🏻 I help busy moms get their kids to play independently more often by designing custom imaginative playhouses

👉🏻 I help K-12 student athletes increase their chances of getting a college athletic scholarship by catching the attention of scouts at college ID camps

👉🏻 I write high-converting real estate listings to increase your chances of selling your listing by 32%


The key to increasing your sales is not offering 10+ semi-related services, it’s offering 1-2 services that solve very specific problems and showing that you get your clients amazing results!


I used to be a freelance web designer, and I felt like I also had to offer a bunch of other services just to book web design clients. I offered services for Google Analytics, Pinterest, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, email marketing, and a bunch of other stuff.


I felt like I had to offer all those things in addition to web design just because I knew that those were things that my target audience would need for their business, but it was a huge moment of clarity for me when I realized that I didn’t have to be the one to offer those services.


When I stopped offering a bunch of semi-related services and started niching down, a few things happened:


👉🏻 It was easy to tell clients what I could help them with. It’s like you almost have to defend yourself when you offer a bunch of services. Say they just want to design their website, for example, and you’re like “well you also need to do conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization and blog post content marketing and email marketing and, oh, you also need a Google My Business listing so let’s do that, too!” and they’re just like “… I don’t really want all that, I don’t really understand why I need that when it doesn’t connect directly to the problem I have right now.” That leads to them either being uninterested in your services, or if they agree to hire you they may not be motivated to do the work that you need them to do on their end and it’ll make the project timeline drag out and possibly lead to you not getting paid for the work you do.


👉🏻 Brainstorming my product pyramid (the clear + impactful journey that your target audience takes through all of your products + services) was so much easier because I was working 1 on 1 with more clients, which led to me knowing exactly what their problems were and exactly what products I could create to solve them for my target audience.


👉🏻 Content marketing became a breeze because I was always talking to my clients & learning what problems they wanted to solve. When I talked to my clients, I could experience firsthand what terms I was using that were actually confusing to them to the point where it was hurting my business. I could get a strong sense of what I needed to do to make my service better. And from there: I could turn that service into a scalable digital product that made my service more accessible to more people without me having to work with them one on one!


A productivity bottleneck is essentially where productivity comes to a halt because you have to finish a certain task before you can move onto anything else in your business.


If your target audience is entrepreneurs + small business owners, identifying productivity bottlenecks is a great place to start in your search for a service idea.


Some common examples of productivity bottlenecks are:

⇢ Editing + publishing videos

⇢ Designing + creating Instagram posts

⇢ Using any kind of tech for designing + creating PDFs (InDesign, Acrobat, Canva, etc)

⇢ Designing PowerPoints

⇢ Transcribing video + audio

⇢ Proof-reading, making updates to, & publishing blog posts

⇢ Coming up with headlines for blog posts, Instagram captions, marketing material, email subject lines, etc

⇢ Scheduling content across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)


If you get like 10 clients just for a broad but helpful service like being a Facecbook group community manager for small business owners, you can use those client experiences to dig into deeper, more specific problems. For example:

Broad service topic: Facebook community manager

Specific problem: Facebook community manager who knows what type of posts, questions, & content will get the most engagement out of the Facebook group to keep them an engaged, warm audience.

If you’re able to identify a specific problem, and be one of the only people offering a solution, you will really stand out and get so many clients because you’re like the only expert they can find offering a solution to a very specific problem 👏🏻

Seth Godin says to “Obsessively specialize. No niche is too small if it’s yours.”

Ready to brainstorm the one specific problem you can solve for your target audience? Schedule a consulting call with me to talk about what the next best step for your business is!


a freelancer or service-based business owner

ready to see what scaling your business could look like

ready to niche the heck down and solve a specific problem for your target audience (no general “I help everyone do everything”s here!)

ready to learn how to do all this without experiencing burnout before the good stuff even gets started

eager to leave a positive impact on this world 💕