Portfolio Project: Nöz Digital Strategy

Nov 3, 2022

Nöz is a fictional brand that sells a reef-safe nose sunscreen product in four fun colors. 


Use the provided Nöz customer persona, Frances the Fashionista, to guide ecommerce web design and digital marketing strategies that move this target audience through the marketing funnel. 

An image of the Nöz customer persona named Frances the Fashionista.

Project Phase 1: Build an On-Brand Ecommerce Site

  • Built out the Shopify Nöz site’s pages and navigation.
  • Implemented the brand visual identity and voice on the homepage.
  • Devised a keyword strategy and implemented corresponding metatags on the homepage
  • Optimized the homepage and product page for conversions with reviews and badges.
  • Mapped out A/B tests to optimize conversion rate.
  • Implemented a site promotion and announced it on the homepage.
  • Designed emails to bring customers back to the site to convert.

Project Phase 2: Develop a Paid Search Campaign 

  • Developed a paid search campaign to sell the last 1000 units of Mellow Yellow, the least popular color, at a 50% discount. 
  • Aligned the campaign goal with the user intent for the conversion stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Created an organized ad campaign structure that allows for quick understanding & differentiation of ads.