What kind of social media content should you create to generate more sales for your business?

Nov 19, 2022

Example 1: showcase how your product outperforms your competitors.

Specifically explaining how your product stacks up against the competition’s product equivalent can be a great way to help your audience see what makes your product the obvious choice out of all the options they have. 

This post does a great job of highlighting what basic benefits the product has (e.g. removing makeup), while also mentioning more complex benefits (e.g. balancing the skin barrier) that users may not have at the front of their mind while shopping.

Example 2: represent your target audience authentically.

One of the most obvious examples of inauthentically representing a target audience is when pioneer skincare brands (such as Clearasil) had marketing campaigns featuring faces with perfectly clear skin. The reality is that most people who are looking to purchase serums and special over-the-counter skincare products to improve their skin do not already have perfectly clear skin. 

As can be seen below, Zitsticka does a fantastic job of authentically representing skin types of all kinds with all sorts of conditions that their target audience is looking for products to help with.

Example 3: show off what problem your product helps to solve.

GoLive HQ is a company that sells designer Squarespace templates that simplify the process of obtaining a custom-made website for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their Instagram feed is filled with posts that show their target audience why this product is a good investment. 

In the case of this example, they’re highlighting the result that their product helps their audience achieve: launching their website faster specifically by using a GoLive template.

Example 4: social media posts that help remove friction from your customer’s journey.

This post from GoLive walks their target audience through how to write their website copy for a new website design, and highlights that the GoLive templates can especially help to write website copy because the templates include filler text. 

This helps to move the GoLive target audience down the funnel by removing the friction that comes along with not being sure that they’ll be able to write their website copy. This post gives them a path for approaching this task that otherwise may prevent them from buying a website template.

Creating Social Media Content for Your Business: Key Takeaways

  • Create content that helps your target audience overcome objections that they might have when considering products like yours. 
  • Show the unique value that your product has compared to other products.
  • Show your audience how your product can get them from where they are to where they want to be in more or better ways than the other product options.